Residency and Tours

New residency in Budapest starting summer 2022!

Coming up on July 2: Solo recital “Exotisme”

Officially announce here my exciting two-year residency at Korean Cultural Centre Hungary. While many more explorations are on the way, the residency will commence in July 2022 with “Exotisme”, a newly conceived solo program upon post-Romantic French and Spanish poetry, landscape and imageries.

Program information on “Exotisme”, please visit:


Also in concerts 2021-2022

“Love. Poison: Ballet without Dancers”

Interwinding ballet suites with dance impressions, this program serves a non-verbal quest on the purposes and touches of life, love and sacrifices.

Reminiscences from BMC (live), 2021 November


With Maestro Chung Myung-whun on Tchaikovsky First Piano Concerto touring nationally in Korea (July, August and December 2019). Learn work ethics and musicianship from a living giant.

Reminiscence from July 2019
with conductor Myung-whun Chung
and KBS Symphony Orchestra