Concert Reviews

Pianist Chi Ho Han Triumphs with Beethoven Sonatas

“… after 25 minutes at the latest, you start questioning yourself: how does he actually do it? Keeping up this crazy pace with outrageously crystal-clear precision…” 

~ Volker Camehn/Münchner Merkur, Germany 2021

Between Wilhelm Kempff and Glenn Gould

“In the accuracy of his articulation, he is sometimes reminiscent of Glenn Gould, but with his view of the whole, the comparison to old Beethoven greats like Wilhelm Kempff is not too far-fetched. In any case, a subtly differentiated Beethoven is presented here, sensitive and thunderous, selfish and world-embracing.”

~ Paul Schäufele/Süddeutsche Zeitung, Germany 2021 

“Chi-ho Han is a player with distinct colors and personality.” 

~ José Luis Garcia del Busto, Madrid Spain 2021

“Most technically demanding game, immersive — is it still a storm or already a tornado raging across the keys? After this musical whirlwind, all that remains is enthusiastic applause for this top performance by the young Korean.”

~ Westdeutsche Zeitung, Germany 2019

“Pianist Chi Ho Han injects a sparky energy into the Beethoven [Cello] Sonata in A major, reminding us how quickly its broadly smiling A major theme darkens into a world of shadowy pain.”

~ Helen Wallace/BBC Magazine, London UK 2019

“Possessing technical ease and musical flair rare among pianists of his age…” 

~ Daisy Lee/Ta Kung Pao, Hong Kong 2018

“… more was exemplary when the twenty-five-year-old Korean pianist Chi Ho Han roused the completely overcrowded Fürstensaal to storms of applause. And just such outstandingly professional piano playing would be worthy of admiration.”

~ Hannes Sonntag , Germany 2017

“Imagine an almost surreal silence, interrupted only by the music, with the notes that chase each other now slowly, now faster, and rise up towards the sky; finally, a standing ovation, with uninterrupted bursts of applause, people standing and some ‘bravo’ shouted towards the stage.”

~ Sonia Bosio/Il Discorso, Cervo Italy  2016

“The complicity is powerful between the young Korean and the orchestra which transports us to distant lands… This pianist brings the silences to life just as much as each note: the mark of a true artist. With this work [Rachmaninoff Piano Concerto no.2] , Chi Ho Han once again demonstrates his endurance and technical mastery of his art.”

~ Caroline de Mahieu, IMEP/Crescendo Magazine, Belgium 2016

“Alternately dreamlike and burning, virtuosic and reserved, playful and moving, the interpretation of Chi Ho Han is without doubt the most accomplished that we have heard so far.”

~ Nicolas Blanmont/La Libre, Belgium 2016

“The Delmenhorst audience celebrated the native South Korean with rhythmic applause, engaging appreciatively with their feet and hands. Chi Ho Han and the (Slovak State) Philharmonic played Edvard Grieg’s Concerto for Piano and Orchestra in A minor, Op.16, in the best sense of the word, professionally conferred to expose.”

~ Marco Julius/Delmenhorster Kreisblatt, Germany 2016

“… his performance showed him both an accomplished technician, and a virtuoso pianist who masterfully combines emotive poetry with his musical prose.”

~Sarah Batschelet, Ernen Switzerland 2015 

Korean Chi Ho Han is a Poet of the Piano

“Han traced the character of the individual miniatures with astonishing maturity, and here too the poetic element was in the foreground. It is not a keyboard lion who wants to demonstrate his technical skills, but an artist who is surprisingly mature in his young years.” 

~Thomas Beaujean/Aachen Zeitung, Germany 2015

“For Rachmaninov’s Piano Concerto No. 2 in C minor, which opened the evening, you need not only a veritable virtuoso, but also an interpreter with soul and dedication. Asian pianists in particular have the reputation of not having much to offer apart from a brilliant but clinically pure technique. Not so Chi Ho Han, who adds a lot of musicality to the almost breathtaking technique.”

~ Frederik Wittenberg/Westfälische Nachrichten, Germany 2015